Benefits of Using Propane Appliances in Your Home

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Propane Appliances Grants Efficiency 


Whether you are building, remodeling or replacing just one appliance in your home, propane is the smart choice. Propane not only performs better, it offers greater efficiency and energy savings compared with electric homes and appliances. 

When you include propane appliances throughout your home, the flexibility and reliability is next to none. Give your family the performance, comfort, and efficiency of a whole-home energy upgrade, with clean propane gas.


Storage Tank Water Heaters

Propane tankless water heaters offer both the superior value and comfort you and your family are looking for. When replacing an electric storage tank water heater, think propane. Efficiency standards for water heaters have changed making new storage tank models larger. Propane storage tank water heaters are smaller in size compared with electric models of the same capacity, so they can fit where an electric model won’t. Although they are smaller, propane models still trump electric models when it comes to performance. A 40-gallon propane model delivers the same amount of hot water as a 50-gallon electric unit.


Tankless Water Heaters

Propane tankless water heaters provide endless hot water whenever you need it. That’s why more homeowners are choosing them. These small, innovative units deliver high volumes of hot water on demand.  A propane powered tankless water heater can produce more than 200 gallons of hot water per hour. Compare this with a standard 50-gallon electric storage-tank water heater that can only deliver 64 gallons of hot water in the first hour. Another reason why propane tankless water heaters are the smart choice; they are cost-effective. You can save up to $300 in annual energy costs compared with electric models. 

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Ranges & Ovens

Professional chefs worldwide prefer gas cooking due to the instant heat and responsive control. Propane cooking equipment delivers the same performance, convenience, and intelligent design. The sleek, stainless steel gas range that includes a propane cooktop and oven will fit to any size kitchen, no matter how small. Propane cooking appliances allow you to custom build indoor and outdoor kitchens alike. If you love food as much as we do, choose propane. 

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Clothes Dryers 

We all want our clothes dryer to be more efficient, gentler to clothing, and more

environmentally friendly. Propane powered dryers check all these boxes. Save 20% in annual energy savings when you make the switch. Dry your clothes faster with better wrinkle removal by using hot air with more moisture. There are many convenience features that come with propane models as well. Drum lights, moisture sensors, and easy-to-use LCD control screens help save you time and energy. 

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When it comes to your home, make a decision based on efficiency and performance. Reduce environmental impact and save time, energy and money. Build your home with propane appliances


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