Propane for a Zero Net Energy home

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Average households have become a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions. As we spend approximately 87% of our time inside our home, we consume a great deal of energy. Zero Net Energy (ZNE) homes, however, generate as much clean, renewable energy as they consume, resulting in a “net zero” annual energy impact.

Recently there has been an increasing demand for homes to be built with green designs, technologies and energy efficient appliances that contribute to a ZNE home. Incorporating propane appliances into a ZNE build significantly lowers a home’s energy consumption, making it easy to achieve sustainability goals and deliver premium performance to homeowners.

How can propane help?

As a clean alternative fuel, propane can be used nearly anywhere, including beyond the natural gas grid. It is often used in ZNE projects to power back-up generators, water heaters, fireplaces, and cooktops. Now, high-efficiency propane appliances are helping builders and homeowners achieve energy-efficient living.

In addition to increasing a home’s energy efficiency, propane appliances produce much fewer emissions, which is important for anyone concerned with their property’s carbon footprint. For example, a propane tankless water heater reduces emissions by 67 percent compared to an electric storage tank model.

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Some advocacy groups stipulate that electricity is the only viable energy source for a ZNE home, but they’re not looking at the full scope. It is important to consider all the different factors involved and the ways propane can be used in a home.


Electricity is often produced by coal-burning power plants that result in an alarming emissions rate of 2,180 pounds CO2 per megawatt hour. Moreover, it takes 2.61 units of electricity to produce and deliver one unit of electricity, whereas propane takes just 1.01 units. When it comes to a ZNE strategy, propane is the best choice and provides the best value.


ZNE homes that use propane appliances will give homeowners greater comfort and lower monthly costs. Appliances such as clothes dryers, range ovens, and water heaters can offer a greater level of control on your energy savings and quality of life. Propane powered clothes dryers are more efficient and gentler to your clothes, range ovens offer instant heat for easy cooking and water heaters deliver an endless source of hot water. These are just a few examples which indicate that propane is the more effective energy source when compared to electricity.

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Propane appliances outperform their electric counterparts as they provide the best energy solutions to achieve ZNE standards. For instance, a propane powered dryer saves over 2,000 pounds of CO2 emissions during its lifespan compared to an electric model. When built with propane appliances in mind, a home’s major energy needs are met, including the ability to make Cayman stronger, more resilient and energy independent.

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Propane is an affordable energy solution and the only alternative fuel that helps you save. Based on current Clean Gas customer usage, you can save up to $5,000 a year on your energy bills. Furthermore, appliances powered by propane have lower initial costs than those powered by other sources. A propane tankless water heater can reduce your energy bills up to 40% per month. Propane appliance performance can increase the resale value of a ZNE home, a huge benefit for any homeowner or home buyer.

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When you take into account factors of sustainability, confort, performance and cost, propane is the smarter choice to achieve a ZNE home.

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