Say goodbye to heavy steel cylinders. We have aluminum and composite forklift cylinders that help reduce the risk of injury to staff of Commercial and Industrial customers and we fill your forklift tanks onsite.
For larger customers and demands for kitchens, boilers and laundry services, we offer tanks from 200lbs to over 2000 gallons for bulk storage.
We also provide propane system design, propane system installation, appliance installation, sales, service and maintenance.

Our larger bulk tanks range in size from 200 lbs to over 2000 gallons. We offer gas piping sizing and design, along with installation. We also offer sales, service and maintenance on most commercial and residential appliances.

Fill your 20lb BBQ tank at the Clean Gas for $35 or we can deliver your BBQ tank for $40. You can purchase a new composite cylinder full with propane for $145.

We deliver 100lb cylinders to your home for $115 full. We inspect your connection to ensure it is safe and leak free, we connect the cylinder and test for leaks. If your installation is out of code or has leaks, the propane certified driver will service the tank and fix all small leaks. For more significant repairs, we will provide free inspections and quotes. Most repairs and upgrades can be done while the driver is on site.

Just like your house and car, propane systems, tanks and appliances need regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure longevity and efficient operation. At Clean Gas Ltd, we have trained and certified personnel that can perform regular cleaning, maintenance, and repairs on all propane appliances, propane tanks and propane systems.

Clean Gas Ltd is a full-service propane marketer providing turnkey solutions for commercial and residential customers alike. We provide full propane systems design and installation for commercial and residential projects, including above ground tanks and buried tank options.

It’s important for customers to have their propane tank inspected annually, especially underground tanks. For tanks that are leased we keep a close eye on them when we deliver propane and we perform cathodic protection tests every three years to ensure the underground tanks are protected. We perform inspections on customer owned tanks as well, as part of our safety services during deliveries.  Performing these regular inspections is an important safety procedure we do on an annual basis to ensure all our customers propane systems are safe. Additionally, OfReg regulations now require that tank owners have their propane tanks inspected and re-qualified periodically by a certified propane professional.

Onsite refilling of your forklift cylinder is the most efficient means to re-supply your forklift cylinder propane. This way you are only paying for the propane you have used and not leaving propane in the tank like you do when you are in an exchange program.

Propane-powered water heaters recover hot water nearly 40% faster than electric models, ensuring there is plentiful hot water for back-to-back showers, laundry and other chores. Additionally, on-demand tankless water heaters offer an affordable, highly efficient unlimited supply of hot water, along with significant savings on your electric bill.

Cooking: A survey conducted by the Propane Education and Research Council found that 96% of professional chefs preferred to cook with gas. Propane ranges give greater control with precise temperature and even heat distribution.

Clothes Drying: You’ll save time and money with a propane clothes dryer. Some models save up to 65% in costs over electric units!

From 4 to 2000 gallon tanks and beyond, tank leasing provides you with peace of mind that your propane systems are safe and leak free at all times. Our leasing program covers all maintenance, including tank replacement if the tank should fail. Each year the tank is thoroughly inspected along with all the exterior gas piping. Sleep well knowing that Clean Gas has you protected.

Clean Gas Bulk Delivery To Your Cayman Home