4 benefits propane gas generators

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Propane gas generators and their benefits


Power outages are common during natural disasters and they can last for weeks. This often leads to losses that are difficult to recover from, not to mention the many inconveniences. Most people will be familiar with this experience after Hurricane Grace left many without power in August last year. During these times, a generator with a reliable energy source will keep your home running.

A Leading manufacturer Generac reports that nearly 70% of all generator sales today are made to the residential generator market. These sales are steadily increasing because people are now so reliant on different energy sources. As we all know, most appliances that are used in the home today need power to function.

If you’re in the market to replace an existing generator or to purchase a new one, a propane powered model is your best bet. When you take into account fuel and maintenance costs, environmental impact and the possibility to store the fuel for a long time, propane generators are highly advantageous.


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Here are the benefits for using propane as your power source.


Propane is readily available 


A fuel-powered generator is worthless if it’s out of gas. During a power outage, you will not be able to purchase gas refills as the gas pumps work on electricity. Propane generators are convenient and reliable because all you need is an onsite storage tank and access to a road for delivery

Propane is a great source of power for your household appliances. It provides you with a wide range of power and options. Therefore, a properly maintained propane tank will save you money and supply you with a reliable source of power when you need it most.


Propane has a limitless shelf life


A generator is a reliable and dependent solution in emergency situations. Luckily, propane does not have an expiration date and does not require additional stabilizers for long-term storage. With a propane-fueled generator, you are certain that you will always have power. Propane never degrades or evaporates like gasoline, so you will always have a source of power for a long time. 

Propane tanks are also 20 times more puncture resistant than tanks filled with ethanol, methanol or gasoline. They are constructed from carbon steel, under the procedures developed by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. You can rest assured that when you need it, your generator will be ready to work properly and efficiently. 


Propane is better for the environment


Propane is a clean-burning fuel. Reduced emissions are better for the environment and local air quality. As a clean-burning fuel, propane generators require less maintenance, which means more reliability and longer lasting performance. 

Furthermore, a propane tank will not spill. It is stored in safe tanks with security valves, preventing spillage or waste during fill-ups. Refilling your tank is simple. Your propane provider will connect the tank to the generator with a hose and open the valve to let the fuel flow. Propane offers an evident advantage as the risk of possible spillage with gasoline generator tanks is significantly higher.


Propane has low operating costs


When comparing propane generators to gasoline generators, maintenance costs and reliability contribute to a clear financial benefit. Propane not only lasts longer than gasoline, but it is also cheaper. The lower costs of fuel will help get power to your home without burning through your finances. 

The carbon build-up and deposits common in a gasoline generator simply do not exist in a propane generator. This results in needing less maintenance for your generator. You can also be sure your generator is going to start up the first time, every time. A benefit that we can all agree is of utmost importance in the event of an unforeseen emergency.


Protect your investments with a propane powered generator. Compared to gasoline generators, a propane generator has many more benefits because the fuel is clean and readily available. If you need a generator, choose one that uses propane.


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