Propane water heating the benefits and the benefits

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What if we told you that you could save money on your electricity bill each month, ensure greater reliability with your hot water heater appliance, be more environmentally friendly and did we mention save you money?!

Simply switching your electric water heater to a propane tankless water heater ticks all those boxes. Let’s take a more in depth look as to why you should seriously consider switching your water heating power over to propane.

Get reliable and fast hot water 

Unlike electric hot water heaters, tankless gas water heaters work on demand, which means there is no maintaining hot water in a tank and you have hot water whenever you need it. If you have a big family, everyone needs a shower, the dishes need washing and a load of sheets needs to go on, a gas heater is a much better option. Plus, in the event of a power outage, your gas supply isn’t affected! 

Be more environmentally conscious 

Are you trying to be more environmentally conscious in your home? Your best bet is to install a  propane water heater as it is four times better for the environment than a standard electric tank. Propane is non-toxic and will not harm water or soil. Propane is a clean-burning gas, meaning it emits 85% lower levels of harmful emissions like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and nitrous oxides.

Save each month with propane 

Want long term cost savings around your home? The price of propane is cheaper than electricity. When you consider the costs of installing and maintaining your equipment and its average life span, propane is around 30 per cent less costly than electricity. Plus, when it comes to repairing your propane water heater, it is less expensive than repairing an electric water heater and they have a much longer life span. Not only will you see a reduction in your monthly CUC bill, but you will also save on maintenance repairs. 

Have we convinced you? Gas water heaters are typically easy to install, especially if you already have a gas line in your home. Chat with the team at Clean Gas, we can provide you with a quote for the installation of a propane water heater and give you some insight into how often you’ll need to refill your tank. Let’s chat, call 233-4427 or email