7 Propane Grilling Tips and Tricks This Summer

caribbean family grilling on propane bbq at a family event

It’s officially summer and boy can that Cayman summer heat be brutal! In saying that, those long summer evenings are the perrrfect time to get your grill on. Our very owner Clean Gas grill master Dayne Brady has some tips and tricks that will keep your propane grill game on point throughout the summer


1. Keep Your Grill Clean


Properly maintaining your gas grill should be a religious step in your grilling ventures as it reduces the amount of smoke and flare-ups that not only can affect your delicious food but also provide a safety hazard.


Having the right tools on job such as a metal-bristled brush will help keep your grill surface looking like new with a bit of elbow grease and a wipe down. Making sure your give your propane grill a scrape down whilst the grates are still warm is a good way of keeping your maintenance time down to a minimum


2. Check Your Propane Levels


We’ve all been there, and there’s nothing worse than when you slap your food on the grill to instantly hear the sputtering of any emptying tank, don’t be that guy or gal! 


One pro tip from grill master Dayne is to get a quart of hot water and run it down the side of your disconnected propane tank. The propane absorbs the heat and you will easily be able to feel where your propane level is at. Watch this video to see how it’s done!


However if you are in a sticky situation don’t fret, grill master Dayne and the Clean Gas crew are a phone call away and will deliver a fresh tank right to your doorstep.


3. Preheat Your Grill


Preheating your grill after checking that your tank is full and the grates have been prepped is an important step to perfect food on your propane grill. Preheating your grill not only ensures your food can get a nice char but the heat loosens any bits and pieces still remaining from your last session.


After firing up the grill we recommend closing the lid and letting it warm up for 10 to 15 minutes before dropping your BBQ perfections down. Preheating also helps prevent food from sticking.


4. Create Heat Zones


Maintaining the right heat levels thankfully is a much easier job thanks to propane grilling and creating those zones is important for a perfect grill and not ending up with fish food!


Having one side of your grill on a high heat to create a “searing zone” is great when getting those irresistible grill marks on your meat or vegetables but once done transfer your food over to a medium-low heat or “simmer zone” to finish cooking to the desired temperature.


5. Don’t Touch My Hood


We know, we know, it can be irresistible to check on your pieces of perfection, however leaving the hood closed will not only ensure your food is in your belly faster, but will also ensure a nice even cook and trap that smoky flavor in.


Getting some more advanced tools such as this smart meat thermometer will help you to resist the urge..we think!


6. Sweet & Fiery


Marinating your food? Covering your ribs in your secret sauce? Fantastic idea, however, remember that sugars in any glaze, sauce, or rub will be the first to start burning potentially leaving a sticky black mess. 


Making sure you are utilizing those heat zones we talked about earlier will save you an item or two. Grillmaster Dayne recommends keeping your temperature below 265 F (130 C) to prevent charring..unless that’s how you like it.


7. Safety First


As much as we love propane grilling there are some safety measures that you should take before and after grilling.


– Make sure you check the connection when turning on your propane tank and listen for any leaks, if you do hear noises turn it off and call the Clean Gas team to come and replace your tank.


– Having a fire extinguisher in your home is always a good idea not just for grilling but as a fire safety measure for your home in general.


– Always turn your tank off after you have finished your grilling session.


– Check that your tank has been tested and is safe for use.


With all these tips and tricks in your back pocket, it’s time for you to fill that tank up, enjoy the long summer evenings, and get your grill on!