Power Security During Cayman’s Hurricane Season

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How propane industry response can help protect communities from prolonged power loss

As hurricanes pose a significant threat to power infrastructure in the Cayman Islands, it is crucial for individuals and the community to prioritise power security and develop strategies to mitigate disruptions. Propane is essential for creating resilient power solutions during Cayman’s hurricane season. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the propane industry’s role in creating power security in the face of hurricanes.

Propane Generators: A Reliable Backup Power Source

Propane generators offer a reliable and efficient backup power solution during hurricanes. Propane can fuel generators that provide power to critical systems and appliances, ensuring uninterrupted operation. Propane-powered generators are advantageous because propane can be stored for long periods without degradation, making it readily available when needed most.

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Storage and Safety Considerations

Proper propane storage is vital to ensure a continuous fuel supply during a hurricane. Follow safety guidelines when storing propane cylinders or tanks, ensuring they are located in a well-ventilated area away from flammable materials. Regularly inspect the storage containers, valves, and connections for any signs of damage or leaks and ensure the tank is properly anchored or strapped. Contact Clean Gas if you notice damage or leaks and we will promptly fix any issues you are experiencing. We will also work with you to ensure a reliable propane supply throughout hurricane season.

Propane-Fueled Home Appliances 

In addition to backup power, propane can provide essential services such as hot water and cooking capabilities during power outages. Propane-fueled water heaters allow you to maintain access to hot water for personal hygiene and sanitation purposes. Propane stoves or cooktops provide a means to cook meals when electrical appliances are not functional, ensuring food safety and comfort during an emergency.

Whole-Home Propane Solutions 

For long-term power security, consider whole-home propane solutions. Propane can power a multitude of appliances, including water heating systems, oven ranges, clothes dryers and more. Installing a whole-home propane system can significantly reduce reliance on the electrical grid, allowing for a more resilient power supply during and after hurricanes.

Portable Propane Appliances

Investing in portable propane appliances can offer flexibility and convenience during power disruptions. For example, portable propane stoves or grills can be used for outdoor cooking or emergency food preparation. These appliances can be easily transported and are ideal for camping or as temporary power solutions.

Collaboration with Clean Gas 

At Clean Gas, we are committed to providing you with valuable guidance on propane storage, safety and maintenance. We can assess your power needs, recommend suitable propane-powered solutions and ensure a consistent fuel supply during severe weather events. 

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Home Efficiency Loan Program 

Furthermore, Clean Gas is thrilled to partner with leading banks in the Cayman Islands, providing convenient payment plans for home propane conversions. By opting for our payment plan options, you can seamlessly transition to propane and immediately experience the benefits of home propane solutions. Enjoy reduced monthly energy expenses and stay prepared with propane during hurricane season. 

Interested to learn more? Reach out to a propane specialist at Clean Gas to learn more and to receive a free home energy assessment. Call 223-4427 or drop us a line at gopropane@cleangas.ky

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