3 Benefits of Propane Generators During a Power Outage

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Why you should consider a propane generator during hurricane season

As we know, Cayman is currently in the middle of hurricane season. When there is a hurricane, we try to do everything we can to minimize the potential damage that may be caused in its wake. According to Forbes, total global storm damage in 2021 reached more than US$70 billion, with the majority of that resulting from one storm, Hurricane Ida. Thus, a single storm or hurricane can have catastrophic results. One of the best ways to ensure you are protected from losses and inconveniences is to purchase a propane powered generator. We featured the benefits of these generators in our April article highlighting their ability to provide as much power as you need, for however long you need it. What’s more, propane gas generators provide power automatically, so you do not need to be present or put yourself in harm’s way to maintain power. Now we will focus our attention on the advantages of propane gas generators during a power outage caused by severe weather such as a hurricane.

Power in Emergencies

Avoid food waste during a power outage. During such times, you cannot use your fridge or stove. A propane generator will keep your essential home appliances running. This will in turn prevent food spoiling and save you money. Security systems will remain on as well, keeping your property secure and giving you peace of mind. Go about your daily routine at home with the confidence provided by a propane generator. Insert Propane Home Generator In Yard

Power to Appliances

As the duration of power outages are largely unknown, having your appliances and devices remain on will help avoid damages to your property. It will also provide very little interruption to your daily life. Today, internet connection is viewed as a necessity, one that a propane generator can provide. The ability to remain online with your electronics and appliances running means you will minimize damage if you are off island. Propane generators allow you to keep communication open with loved ones and receive critical updates regarding the hurricane or storm. Most of all, having the essentials you need at the comfort of your own home prevents the need to relocate to a hotel or shelter.

Power for Recreation

An often overlooked result of being without power for a prolonged period is the effect it can have on your mental well being. Similar to the quarantine period we witnessed during the pandemic, it is important to have a routine that helps you stay positive. A propane generator can help keep your home gym operable, your TV and internet running and your kindle/e-reader or other devices charged for you and your loved ones. Stay productive, active and entertained in the event of a hurricane or severe storm. At Clean Gas, we are confident that propane gas generators will help keep your house and your investments protected, minimize the damage from potential damage during hurricane season and reduce disruption to your life at home. The many benefits are also complimented by clean-burning propane’s availability, low operating costs and limitless shelflife. Chat to your Clean Gas propane specialist today to learn more. Just give us a call at 233-4427 or email gopropane@cleangas.ky