Outdoor living in the Cayman Islands 

Person Relaxing By Propane Fire Pit Cayman Islands

Enhance your outdoor experience with propane


It’s easy to turn your home yard into the ultimate entertainment space. The Cayman Christmas breeze is finally here and whether you love to host parties or simply want to enjoy your outdoor space after a long day, propane can help you enhance your experience. The holidays are around the corner and perhaps you are hosting some of the festivities at your home. Propane powered outdoor kitchens, grills, fire pits, flame lighting, pool/spa heaters, and mosquito traps will surely level up your outdoor space. 


Outdoor Kitchens 


Enhance your outdoor living experience by creating an outdoor kitchen powered by propane appliances. More people choose propane as the preferred method for powering their outdoor kitchen because of the fast heat-up times and easy cleanup. There are various options for how the layout of your outdoor kitchen can look. 

A straight-shape will be less expensive and helps save space. These will usually be against a wall or used as an island. 

An L-shape will allow more counter space for preparing your food and will have space for bar seats.

The U-shape layout will give you the most space for countertop, seating and multiple appliances. 

Outfit your outdoor kitchen with luxury grills, lavish sinks, built-in stoves, and pizza ovens to achieve your optimal home cooking goals. Check out this interesting article for further outdoor kitchen layout inspiration.


Propane Grills


At Clean Gas, we view the grill master as an artist. What is their canvas? The propane grill, of course! These grills have a convenient instant on-off control with temperature precision that will ensure a perfectly cooked meal, everytime. 

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The options for propane grills are virtually limitless. Choose between styles; sizes; side burners; warming racks; two, four and six burner propane grills. We recommend you take the time to determine what your needs are and speak to a propane specialist before purchase. 

Generally speaking, the more burners the grill has the better the temperature control, and temperature control is key to the quality of the meal as well as your safety. 

A great grill master takes into consideration the safety of their home, guests and themselves. Keep your grill clean, check for gas leaks, and do not leave your grill unattended. Check out this article for more propane grill safety tips.

Man Using Propane Grill At Party Cayman Islands

Propane-powered fire pits


Outdoor fire pits are a great example of the easy use and clean up of propane appliances. The weather in Cayman is cooling down which means it’s the perfect time to be outside on a brisk night. Spend a night outside with friends by the fire without the maintenance or smoke that accompanies burning wood. No need to worry about ash, soot or ruining your clothes. Properties with restrictions on wood-burning will no longer thwart your ability to enjoy the relaxation of a nighttime fire. Propane is safe, clean burning, and follows local regulations. 

Check out this page for more propane appliance safety tips.

There are numerous options for propane-powered fire pits. Choose your preference of material, design and colour. It is important to determine what you are looking for and what will be best for your home. 

The first step is to reach out to your propane specialists at Clean Gas. We will provide you with the safest solutions and best contractor options for you to make the most informed decision when it comes to your propane appliances. 


Flame Lighting 


The dance of a fire flame from propane-powered lighting will add a level of relaxation and calm to any outdoor living space. Choose from a variety of flame lighting options such as: wall, pillar, and in-ground mounts; custom lanterns; chandeliers, pendants; tabletop units, gas tiki lights, urns and more. 

The benefits of flame lighting go beyond relaxation. Ward off pesky insects, save on power costs, and illuminate your space to avoid nighttime hazards. 


Mosquito Traps


Get the most out of your outdoor nights with propane-powered mosquito traps. Propane mosquito traps, like the Mosquito Magnet, work by mimicking the gases and scents given off by humans. 

A plume of warm, moist C02, and an environmentally friendly octenol scent attracts mosquitoes the same way they are attracted to humans. As the insect reaches the trap the upward vacuum of the device pulls them in and disposes of them; usually in a replaceable mesh bag. 

Mosquito traps that are fueled by propane are more effective than mosquito zappers. Mosquito zappers are electric and use ultraviolet light to attract mosquitoes which has proven to be an extremely inefficient means of preventing mosquitoes from entering your space.

Check out this article to learn more about  propane-fueled mosquito traps.


Pool and Spa Heaters


Propane-powered heaters are proven to warm pools and spas more quickly than electric heat pumps. It is truly the best way to combat weather conditions and optimize your outdoor pool and spa use. 

Heat and maintain your desired temperature more efficiently with a propane heater. Propane heaters are powerful and take up little space. Whether it’s an in-ground or above-ground pool/spa, propane heaters are the most efficient option. Talk to your local propane supplier for advice on what’s best for your type of pool and heating needs.


When it comes to propane appliances, the possibilities are endless. Speak to your Clean Gas propane specialist today to learn more. Just give us a call at 233-4427 or email gopropane@cleangas.ky