Autogas Day – What It Is And How You Can Help 

Auto Gas Day 2021 LPG Vehicle

Autogas Day 2021 is here! 

Automotive liquid petroleum gas (LPG) or Autogas is the most accessible, clean-burning, ecologically safe alternative fuel for vehicles. LPG is a mixture of gasses, of which the most popular is propane. LPG autogas is labeled as HD-5 which means it is 95% propane or higher with 5% other gasses. As we’ve discussed here before, propane is used in heating water, drying clothes, cooking with many other burner tip uses. However, for this instance, we are showcasing it for vehicles. When specifically used as a vehicle fuel it is often referred to as Autogas. Effectively, Autogas can be thought of as propane that is used for automotive purposes.

On Autogas day, we shine a spotlight on the advantages of propane. Companies of all sorts celebrate the benefits of propane as it is one of the safest, clean-burning, user-friendly, and most convenient alternative fuels on the market today. By joining this movement, we can help facilitate significant climate change in our community. 


A Short History 

Automotive LPG was founded in 1857 by a French chemist as a dissolved gas in Pennsylvania Grade Lite Crude Oil. In 1910, Autogas was used to try and stop gasoline from evaporating, and in 1912, it was used to power the conventional combustion engine. The engineering is built on the same fundamentals as the gas-fueled internal combustion engines that were discovered in the 1820s. 

To learn more about the origins of Autogas, visit this page.


Autogas Day 2018, 2019 and 2020

The growing popularity of propane gave rise to Autogas Day, which began in the Netherlands in 2018. This first Autogas day focused on reducing both your harmful emissions and fuel costs. The World LPG Forum and European Congress joined forces the next year in 2019 on Friday September 27th to increase focus on Autogas with the addition of the inaugural international ‘Autogas Day’. This half-day conference emphasized the opportunities for Autogas for efforts worldwide, while looking at impactful initiatives at a grassroots level.

Autogas Day had a hugely positive reception in its first year. Autogas day 2020 saw a succession from the previous year with renowned and influential speakers in the Autogas sector. Topics discussed included benefits of driving on Autogas, its contribution to cleaner air, challenges associated with global energy transition, market growth and potential, as well as its successes in many countries.


Autogas Day 2021

This year’s Autogas Day falls on Thursday, December 9th. This is the third anniversary of the major international event and will be held as part of LPG week taking place in Dubai, UAE and the USA. The focus will be on the potential for propane and identifying the roadblocks that may occur when positioning this gas as a future fuel.

The Autogas Day 2021 event will hear from industry experts and keynote speakers on LPG topics including critical opportunities, developments, obstacles and market entry processes. 

To learn more about Autogas Day 2021, visit the LPG Week website.

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How To Participate

It is easy to become an Autogas ambassador. You can help affect change in your community. Reach out to your network and help raise awareness about Autogas Day. 

Place the message below with the Autogas logo on your website and social media channels with #AutogasDay. There are a myriad of ways to get involved. Even if everyone creates or shares one social media post, it will help make a drastic impact. 

Spread the word – Autogas / LPG / Propane:

  1. Contributes to a cleaner environment (less CO2, particulate matter and NOx emissions);
  2. Is a more eco-friendly fuel than petrol or diesel;
  3. Can be used immediately for relatively low investments;
  4. Is available at a wide network of fuel stations;
  5. Ensures sustainability of the existing fleet;
  6. Helps to relieve the electricity network;
  7. Can be widely used in mobility for the existing and new fleet.

Clean Gas helps inform the public about propane through shareable content on our social media channels. We also distribute a bi-weekly newsletter that helps the community of Cayman make informed decisions about propane. We highlight how propane positively affects our life and how it is a cleaner gas for our environment than the current popular practices.

If you would like to convert your vehicle or vehicles to propane or have any questions, please contact your local Clean Gas representative. Give us a call on 233-4427 or email us at Thank you Cayman. Together we can make a difference.