Propane Tank Safety Tips

Cayman hurricane season begins on June 1st and lasts until the end of November. We at Clean Gas want you to be as prepared as possible to minimize damage to your property.

This list of six propane tank safety tips are actions that we recommend residents take in the event of a heavy storm or hurricane:

Before the Storm/Hurricane

1. Secure the tank

Increased wind speeds and heavy rain can cause damage to your propane tank. If possible, secure the tank outside as best you can. Look to stake it upright against the leeward side of a shed or against a retaining wall. Never store the tank on its side.

2. Turn off the gas valve

Turn the main gas valve to the off position to eliminate gas leaks and the addition of gas to an already potentially dangerous situation. Shutting off the gas main prevents damaged tanks from creating dangerous leaks that could ignite.

3. Keep the tank level above 30 percent

In the event of an impending storm or hurricane, be sure to keep your tank’s fuel supply at least one-third full to ensure you have enough propane if you are unable to fill your tank when you need to after the storm has passed.

After the Storm/Hurricane: 

4. Check for signs of damage

Look for signs of structural damage that may pose a threat to those on the property. If you smell gas or your tank has moved or shifted, call your Clean Gas service technician. 

5. Check for signs of water exposure

Call your Clean Gas service technician if your tank or propane appliances were exposed to water to confirm if there has been any water damage.

6. Check to see if your tank is damaged, bent or broken

Perhaps the gas lines have been pulled away from the tank. If this is the case, call your Clean Gas service technician.

Clean Gas is dedicated to the safety of Cayman residents all year round. This is especially true during hurricane season due to the dangers that may occur. Please consider the tips above when the weather calls for a hurricane or heavy storm.

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Outdoor Propane Gas Generator

Benefits of Propane Generators

When a large storm or hurricane hits, power outages are common and can last far longer than we expect. Hurricane Grace left many Cayman residents without power in August 2021. A propane generator can keep your home running when such events occur. 

What are the advantages of having a propane generator during hurricane season?

1. Keep your family safe 

A propane generator will keep your home up and running to ensure safety including adequate lighting, home security, refrigeration so medications don’t spoil and charging of any devices or equipment that are required by family members.

2. Protect your home 

A propane generator will help minimize damage by keeping your air conditioner running to prevent mould from building and causing poor air quality in the home during a power outage.

3. Save your food 

During a power outage, some food in your fridge can go bad in as little as 4 hours. Avoid losing hundreds of dollars worth of food with a propane generator. Keeping the refrigerator running means you can eat your food rather than throw it away.

4. Stay connected 

Many people work from home or attend online classes and can do so uninterrupted with a propane generator. You can also stay up to date on severe weather updates in your location and stay connected with family and friends. Also, being online means you and the members of your household can stay entertained!
When disaster strikes, be prepared with a propane generator. Protect yourself, your family and your assets. Visit this article to learn more about the benefits of propane gas generators.

Woman Using Phone During Hurricane Power Outage