The Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen with Propane

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Level-up your outdoor space with a kitchen powered by propane

Building an outdoor kitchen powered by propane is a great way to enhance your outdoor living space and enjoy delicious meals with family and friends. Let’s take a look at the process of building an outdoor kitchen and the various features you can include to make it the ultimate outdoor cooking and entertainment area. Check out this link to see some of our favourite outdoor kitchen designs.

Step 1: Determine the location of your outdoor kitchen

The first step in building an outdoor kitchen is to determine the location. You want to choose a spot that is easily accessible, near the house and has enough space for all the features you want to include.

Step 2: Create a plan

Once you’ve chosen the location, it’s time to create a plan. This will help you visualize the size and shape of your outdoor kitchen and determine how much space you need for each feature.

Step 3: Install the propane gas line

One of the key components of an outdoor kitchen is the propane gas line. It’s important to hire a licensed professional to install the line to ensure it’s done safely and meets local building codes. At Clean Gas, our trained, certified professionals will ensure your installation is done correctly and efficiently. 

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Step 4: Choose the right appliances

Next, you’ll want to choose the right appliances for your outdoor kitchen. Some popular features include:

  • Barbeques: A propane barbeque is a staple of any outdoor kitchen. Choose a model with the size and features that suit your cooking needs.
  • Pizza ovens: If you love pizza, a wood-fired or propane pizza oven is a great addition to your outdoor kitchen.
  • Refrigerators: A compact outdoor refrigerator is ideal for keeping drinks and food cold and within reach.
  • Sink: An outdoor sink provides a convenient place to wash hands and prepare food.

Step 5: Choose countertops and cabinets

For the finishing touch, choose countertops and cabinets that complement the style of your home and provide ample storage space. You can choose from materials such as granite, quartz, and concrete.

Step 6: Add finishing touches

Finally, add finishing touches such as lighting, outdoor speakers, and decor to complete your outdoor kitchen. Our favourite addition to outdoor spaces are tiki torches. These are powered by propane for efficiency and provide just the right amount of light and ambience to create your perfect home oasis.

An outdoor kitchen that is powered by propane is a great way to create a stylish and functional outdoor entertainment area. With the right appliances, countertops, and finishing touches, you can enjoy delicious meals and create memories with family and friends.

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