The Home Efficiency Loan Program: A Case Study

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The Power of Propane: Greg’s Journey to Energy Savings

Customer Introduction

In a world where energy efficiency and sustainable living have taken centre stage, many aspire to find methods to reduce energy consumption without sacrificing convenience. Greg, a resident in Grand Cayman, embarked on a journey to save energy by switching from electric to propane-powered appliances, courtesy of Clean Gas’ innovative Home Efficiency Loan Programme (HELP). The outcome? A 33% decrease in his energy costs and a sustainable lifestyle.

The Challenge

Greg, like many others living in Grand Cayman, experienced an increasing strain on monthly budget due to rising energy costs. Due to the tropical climate of Cayman and increases in costs of electricity island wide, CUC bills have skyrocketed. Alternative solutions have surfaced to save residents money and also align with a growing commitment in the community to carbon footprint reduction. 

Propane-powered appliances serve as an energy-efficient and environmentally responsible option. As a clean-burning fuel, propane emits fewer greenhouse gases than traditional fossil fuels. Those interested in converting from electric to propane appliances may be concerned about the initial investment required for purchasing and installing new appliances. 

The Solution

Clean Gas’ Home Efficiency Loan Program (HELP) is a partnership between Clean Gas and local Cayman banks, designed to provide financial assistance to individuals like Greg who want to switch to energy-efficient propane appliances. 

Those interested in making the switch may secure a loan with favourable terms through HELP to cover the cost of purchasing and installing propane-powered appliances. Not only does this make the transition financially feasible, but it also gives peace of mind to individuals that they are investing in a long-term solution that would result in substantial savings in years to come. 

Check out the Home Efficiency Loan Program press release here.

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Results & Benefits

With the assistance of the HELP program, Greg made the transition to propane appliances throughout his home, including his oven range, water heater and clothes dryer. The switch was seamless, and the benefits were quickly realized. 

The first and most significant impact was on energy expenses. Within just a few months, Greg witnessed an astonishing decrease of 33% on his energy bills. The efficiency of propane-powered appliances allowed him to maintain the same level of comfort and functionality while consuming less energy. 

Beyond the financial gains, Greg was pleased to be contributing to a healthier environment. Propane is notable for its low carbon emissions and reduced environmental impact. Greg is now actively participating in the effort to combat climate change and the preservation of Cayman’s beauty and natural resources. 


As Greg shared his journey to energy savings, friends and neighbours were intrigued by the drastic decrease in his energy bills and his positive environmental impact. Greg’s success story with Clean Gas’ HELP program is hopefully the start of an energy conservation revolution in Cayman. 

From being frustrated by high energy bills to becoming an advocate for propane-powered appliances, Greg’s case is a testament to innovative solutions and partnerships. Clean Gas’ Home Efficiency Loan Program (HELP) enabled him to make a cost-effective transition and empowered him to live more sustainably. As more people like Greg adopt cleaner energy alternatives, Grand Cayman can progress towards a future of reduced energy usage and a healthier planet. 

Looking to save on energy bills and make a positive environmental impact? Following Greg’s lead with the HELP program may be your answer.

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