5 benefits of grilling with propane

Controls Turned On An Outdoor Barbecue Grill With Propane

Why you should be grilling with propane

One of the best things about living in Cayman is that we can grill all year round! When it comes to grilling, we’re here to tell you that gas grills are the way to go. Stop hauling around that cumbersome bag of charcoal and a questionable container of lighter fluid. Upgrade your grill game with propane.

Did you know that gas grills outsell charcoal grills? According to statistics, gas grills lead the category, which includes charcoal grills, pellet grills, and smokers, with 54% of sales. That is evidence that more people are purchasing gas grills or making the switch. There are plenty of reasons for this. Specifically, a propane-powered grill offers many advantages over alternative grills such as charcoal.


A charcoal barbecue could take 30 minutes or more to light properly. A propane grill lights instantly, reaching the perfect cooking temperature quickly. Just turn the dial and you’re fired up and ready to go. Many propane grills also come with accessories that allow you to expand your cooking station. The possibilities are virtually endless – choose from side burners, rotisseries add-ons, spice racks, side tables, storage drawers, and more. For all your backyard grilling desires, a propane grill has you covered.

Easy to Start

Have you ever been too busy to get dinner prepared? We all have. Grilling with propane is the best way to get meals on the table fast. Forget the charcoal, lighter fluid, newspapers, and lighter. Just go outside, turn the dial, push the button, and you’ve started the grill. The propane grill will be ready for cooking by the time you come back out with your food.


Outdoor Propane Gas Grill


One of the features that we love most about propane grills is precise control. A propane grill normally reaches full temperature in less than 15 minutes and offers a variety of cooking methods. When you have food on the grill, instantly raise or lower the heat with a turn of the dial.

Whether you want multi-zone cooking or indirect heat, propane grilling gives you the flexibility to cook how you want, when you want. Whether you need medium heat for vegetables or fish and high heat for chicken or steak, propane can do that. Charcoal, unfortunately, cannot.


In the great grill debate, charcoal enthusiasts will insist that charcoal-grilled food tastes better. We suggest this is incorrect for several reasons.

One, charcoal produces more smoke. Sure, some may like a bit of smoky flavor, but this is incredibly easy to overdo. The result is creating too much smoke that overwhelms the flavor of the food.

Two, ashes from a charcoal grill may get into the food, a taste that not many would prefer with their meal. Lastly, there is often a chemical taste in the food you’re cooking due to the lighter fluid used to light the charcoal.

It is common, especially when drinking is involved, for backyard chefs to become too generous with the lighter fluid. We think it’s safe to say that no one likes the taste of butane. Food tastes better when it’s cooked the right way, and the key to that is more control over conditions inside your grill. Taste control is much easier with a propane grill.

Easy to Clean

It’s considerably easier to clean a propane grill than a charcoal one. That is because propane naturally burns cleaner than coal. Forget the soot, ashes, or charcoal briquette chunks, which seem to get EVERYWHERE. Also, there’s often a charcoal grate and ash catcher to clean. Cleaning a propane grill is as easy as wiping down the grates after use and you’re ready for the next BBQ bash.

These five advantages are the reasons why many busy folks and families are selecting propane as their preferred method of cooking. It also represents why professional chefs choose propane for cooking in their restaurants. Check out our article on why chefs prefer to cook with propane to learn more.

Grilling is just one of the many versatilities of propane and propane appliances. Chat to a propane specialist at Clean Gas to learn more. Just give us a call at 223-4427 or email gopropane@cleangas.ky