4 reasons professional chefs prefer propane gas cooktops

man cooking at home with gas propane cayman

Are you an avid home chef and professional foodie? Do you love trying new recipes and recreating dishes at home? Just because you’re not a world-class chef, doesn’t mean you can’t cook like one! 

If there is one thing in your home kitchen that will increase your cooking game, switching to a gas cooktop is certainly one of them. There are so many advantages of using a propane gas cooktop and professional chefs around the world will agree with us. Here’s why:


Easier to control 

Gain greater control of cooking temperatures with a gas cooktop! Thanks to the precision of gas stove dials, chefs who use gas retain greater control of cooking temperature. This results in more evenly cooked food and highly accurate cooking time.  


Instant Response 

Unlike electric cooktops, gas cooktops fire up immediately. Propane gas burners respond quickly when ignited while electric takes several minutes to heat up. If you’re short for time, there is no denying that gas is the better option. 

Additionally, when you need to turn the heat down, gas cooktops are much quicker at responding, giving you a lot more control over the temperature. With electric cooktops, you often have to move the pan away from the heat source to help the contents cool faster. 


Quick to clean 

With a gas cooktop, you do not need to invest in heavy-duty, scratch-free cleaning products to clean up after a meal. All you need to do is remove the grates and wipe away any excess food or mess with a multipurpose spray. 


Trouble-free maintenance 

Newer electric cooktops may come with a range of digital controls and settings, which might seem great…until it breaks down. This means handing over unnecessary cash to have someone come and repair it for you. With gas cooktops, if something breaks down, a majority of the time all you need to do is have your gas provider relight the pilot light. 


If you want the ease and convenience that professional chefs enjoy when cooking with gas, then make the switch to propane gas in your home with Clean Gas. Our team of professionals can assist with full propane system design and installation for commercial and residential projects. Just give us a call on 233-4427 or email gopropane@cleangas.ky